About new version CCleaner v3.16

Latest v3.16 has many features which make it stand apart from the previous versions of CCleaner and is undoubtedly much more efficient than all other existing versions. There are many management tools which have been incorporated in this version such as Scheduled Tasks. Besides it also has a unique option which enables you to shut internet browser while cleaning. This system optimization, cleaning and privacy tool is very important for every computer user and helps in more ways than one.

Any unused files existing in your system can be easily removed by this advanced cleaner and thereby helps to create large storage space. The space in hard disk is very valuable and the unused files unnecessarily occupy this space. When unused files are removed it also enables Windows to run at a better speed. The space in the hard disk also becomes free providing you more storage space. It has the potential and capability of cleaning every trace of internet history including your activities online. Besides all these amazing features, it also has a registry cleaner which is laden with all possible features. The most striking feature of CCleaner is that it operates at an alarming speed and takes a fraction of a second to operate. It is also free from any Adware or Spyware.

What can CCleaner clean?

Internet Explorer – Temporary files, cookies history, index.dat files, super cookies can all be removed instantly.
Firefox – Temporary files, cookies, download history, super cookies, history, form history can be effectively removed with the help of this cleaner.
Google Chrome – Can remove temporary files, cookies, download history, super cookies, history, form history.
Opera – temporary files, cookies, history, download history, super cookies.
Safari – Temporary files, cookies, history, form history super cookies.

Additional Supported Browsers – Rockmelt, K-Meleon, Flock, Google Chrome Canary, SeaMonkey, Chromium, SRWare Iron, Pale Moon Chrome Plus, Netscape Navigator, Maxthon, Phoenix and Avant.

Windows – Recent Documents, Jump Lists, Temporary files, Recycle Bin, Clipboard, DNS Cache, Log files, Memory Dumps, Error Reporting.

Registry Cleaner – Laced with all advanced features that imparts it the capability to discard the old and unused entries including Invalid Shortcuts, ActiveX Controls, File Extensions, ProgIDs, ClassIDs, Shared DLLs, Uninstallers, Help Files, Icons, Application Paths, Fonts and more…

Third-party applications – Removes current and temporary file lists from the different apps including Google Toolbar, eMule, Windows Media Player, Adobe Acrobat, Nero, Microsoft Office, WinAce, WinZip, WinRAR and more…

This version of CCleaner has been rated as the most superior one which helps in cleaning the Windows PC. Your online privacy is completely protected and also enables your computer to run faster and become more secure. This is comparatively easier to use than most other software on similar line and requires just few minutes of your precious time for its downloading. This is very important for your Personal Computer and you can use it for varied purpose. Most often it is seen that accumulation of too many files not only decreases the storage space but makes your Windows run very slow which often creates a lot of problems while at work. This problem can be solved once and for all by downloading this immensely useful CCleaner having varied purpose and objectives.