Bring Back Deleted Files on your Computer

Recuva from Piriform is the ideal solution for those who need to recover deleted or destroyed data files. The program is able to recover lost files from a Windows computer, a memory card or even a digital music player. Some of its main features are summarized below.

It’s fairly common for people to delete files by mistake. Some delete files without realising its future relevance only to regret it later. Pictures, music files, documents or even mails can all be brought back by using Recuva. The program scans your hard drive for all deleted files and retrieves them in a jiffy. Recuva works with any rewritable media like USB flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards and music players like iPods.

Recover Files from Formatted Disks

The hard drive failing is a nightmare for most people. Many also forget to backup an important file before reformatting their hard drives. Both occasions are perfect for scenarios for Recuva to work its magic. Recuva uses a complex algorithm that helps to locate all the bits and pieces of a deleted file on a reformatted or damaged hard drive/memory card/flash drive. After doing so, it also lets you know about the chances of getting those files back after which you can decide about continuing with the process.

Restore Deleted emails

People using email desktop programs like Outlook or Thunderbird know that deleting emails from the program sends them to the computer’s Recycle Bin. Once you empty Recycle Bin, it’s nigh impossible to retrieve those emails.

Such email programs store each folder in the form of a database file. Recuva goes a step further and recovers each email apart from the individual data files. The recovered emails are stored in the ZIP format by Recuva and each email is stored in the standard .EML format, this allows you to transfer them to any email program you want.

Perform a Deep Scan

Recuva’s scanning feature is one of the most comprehensive on any recovery software. The program’s default scan sifts through large hard drives for all the deleted files. For recently deleted files, this scan works successfully almost 90% of the times.

The Deep Scan is brought into the picture when you need to recover files that could not be located by the default scan. Although this scan takes longer to complete, the success rate is also very high. The scan time is directly proportional to your hard drive size.

Securely Delete Files

Apart from providing the feature to recover accidentally deleted files, Recuva also allows you to securely delete those files that you wish to erase forever. The inclusion of this feature was partly borne out of the need to secure confidential information about you. Many people want to safeguard their passwords, financial records and other similar confidential information against theft by hackers and Recuva is their best bet to do so.

is also available in a portable version that doesn’t need any installation on your computer. It has seamless support for all Windows-running machines and for over 37 languages. With such a truckload of features, it makes complete sense to go for Recuva.