Quick tour of CCleaner

CCleaner is not software which needs much introduction due to the vast popularity and commendable applause it has received from users all across the globe. This software has four major sections namely Cleaner, Registry, Tools and Options that can be chosen with the help of the large icons on the navigation panel located on the left hand side. The prime feature of this software program is the Cleaner which allows full optimization of the system by helping you discard all temporary and unused files. It just helps you to remove only those files that you want giving you full advantage of restoring the files that might be needed by you in future. The quick tour of CCleaner throws light on every aspect of this important and useful software.

Registry helps to fix any persisting problem and also analyzes computer’s registry. Tools help you to view, manage programs installed and then check their applications. You can also manage or remove points from System Restore. Finally, the options section helps you in the handling of the settings and familiarizes with the working process of CCleaner. This tour of the program can provide you a comprehensive guide on this unique and very important software.

Going ahead with it, we need to learn something about the Cleaner Rules too. They are found beside navigation buttons and are present when the user is using the cleaner mode. There are options of both unchecking and checking which will help you to exclude or include items as per your desire. Installed programs can automatically be detected with the help of supplementary cleaning options. Even, if there is any new program it would be easily be detected by this special feature.  The button named as ‘Run Cleaner’ helps in running the cleaner and also helps to optimize the computer. You just need to click this specific button. If you want to get a review of the items that are going to be deleted then you need to click on the ‘Analyze’ button.

The summary of the cleaning process is displayed by the output window which is situated on top of the buttons. To find old entries and errors in system registry, you need to take help of ‘Issues Section’. While advanced users would be able to comprehend all options, a novice would find a lot of options irrelevant or going above their head. So, there is backup option included in CCleaner and it emphasizes on this aspect too. In order to avail this service you need to click on “Scan for issues” button and after completion of this need to press the button named “Fix Selected Issues”. The three features of the Tools section primarily Uninstall, Startup and System Restore too holds great significance. Options section can come to your aid when you need to customize the working procedure of CCleaner. If the cleaner is run at startup of the computer then the computer can automatically be kept clean.