What does the latest v3.15 include

V3.15 is the latest launched application of CCleaner. It is the program developed by Piriform. It is used for the cleaning of undesired files from the system. Thus, the application is quite useful for the removal of invalid windows registry from the personal computer. A public version, 1.01 was launched for this purpose including a network edition. This system was formerly called as Crap Cleaner.

Today, CCleaner is in great discussion for its recently introduced version. It is ready to be downloaded for its enhanced performance. The contents available within it are the new app, improvements for the browsing compatibility and some extra features to win the user’s attention.  Here is the short review of the features and applications involved in CCleaner’s latest entry v3.15.

This popular version of the system involves an additional chrome canary omnibox. It is capable of searching a shortcut for cleaning the unwanted windows content. An option is incorporated in the application to clean only those files of the recycle bin which hav been deleted before 24 hours. The version is improved than before for cleaning the history of firefox. Moreover, the results of analysis are improved for firefox, web cookies and caches as well. The 3.15 version is made more useful for regular computer users by improving the feedback process regarding the successful operations.

The searching power of CCleaner v3.15 is highly elaborated with the accessory chrome omnibox. Thread sync algorithm has been improved up to some extent in order to avoid the probable deadlocks. In this way, this time CCleaner can assist the user completely to get rid of the potentially invalid content. The chrome canary is updated in a good manner to store the information regarding cleaned up files. Even the details of deleting the saved passwords can be recorded potentially, by this version. Aurora history cleaning system has been modified a lot for the perfect clean up application. The entire version is improved with cleaning power for the log files of windows and Microsoft search. The property of detecting the files from recycle bin is also subjected for improvement regarding the size of the file.

One of the most attractive features of v3.15 is its enhanced capacity of converting systems. It has been armed with an ultimate downloader. The high performing video converter and the audio converting system make this tool special among the applications of its kinds. The version is also containing an additional cleaning property for camtasia studio 7.0. An editor of HTML, coffee cup makes this tool, one and only among the variety of file cleaning systems. The incorporated type of video converter is famous as convert to DVD. This keeps a high potential of converting the file format, according to the requirement. A shampoo burning studio enhances the utility of CCleaner v3.15 a lot.