“Recently I found myself in a situation that I had only 120MB spare on my hard drive. After installing and running CCleaner,  650MB of more free disk space was provided!”
“CCleaner scans your entire computer for the software and cleans unused files that are not important. You can set the options yourself how the program cleans and restores your computer. You can also ignore settings you do not need.”
PC World
“From time to time the computer becomes filled  with redundant programs and temporary internet files.The files are often difficult to delete manually and the new CCleaner is just the one to do all the dirty work for you. I recommend it!”
The Guardian
“People who download and install different things all the time should definitely have CCleaner installed and run on their computers. It also keeps you safe providing the necessary security for privacy. CCleaner removes all unnecessary in seconds.“
Daily Telegraph
“There are not many Registry Cleaners that work well. I can assure you that I have never met any better software of its kind than CCleaner is. As a bonus it gives you the Windows registry cleaner tool which checks the system for invalid entries. And you can use CCleaner as an anonymous user “
Financial Times
“Be sure to download the latest version of CCleaner as it regularly updates itself for better performance. Also make sure you download the repair tool as well as I made use of it recently. Mostly I like the knowing that my computer is safe with CCleaner and that all the online activity is removed as well.“
Washington Post